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Replacing actors who have played the Doctor is not without precedent. By the time of the Five Doctors 20th anniversary special, First Doctor William Hartnell was dead (and considering Tom Baker's refusal to appear, they couldn't very well call it Another Three Doctors). Richard Hurndall was brought in to play the First, and did a decent enough job of it, at least getting the voice and mannerisms down it not particularly looking like Hartnell. There are a part of me that hoped that the 50th might be an eleven Doctor free-for-all, and that Moffat and co might simply recast the first three Doctors, those that have passed.

In a way, that has been done. And not by Moffat, but by his Sherlock writing partner Mark Gatiss, for the 50th anniversary docu-drama for BBC2, Adventures in Space and Time. The drama will recount the history of getting the series on air, and will feature several actors playing the actors that played the original parts. And for our first look at the special, which I'm a tiny bit more excited for then the actual 50th special, is David Bradley as William Hartnell, as the First Doctor.

Bradley, of course, has most recently been truly spectacular as Walder Frey in Game of Thrones, for which he deserves many awards that aren't specific to sci-fi and fantasy. And, he earned his "appeared on Doctor Who" chit for playing Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, a role I dearly wish he hadn't played because I desperately want him to appear as the First on the series proper now, having seen him in the kit. He looks exactly like Hartnall. How exactly? Well, here is Hartnall from the time, for comparison.

Now I'm very interested to see how Reece Shearsmith turns out as Patrick Troughton.

Via The Mary Sue.
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