Unstoppable Force Meets Indestructible Object?

With the San Diego Comiccon right around the corner, and what I expect to me a myriad of announcements from Marvel concerning their upcoming features (expect a Captain America teaser, final cast confirmations on Guardians some of which have already been released, and possibly announcements for all Phase 3 films), I've been hesitant to post any of the information trickles that have been appearing the last week or so. But I felt I couldn't pass up the opportunity, before the flood gates opened, to post this first teaser image of Captain America: The Winter Solider (AKA the SHIELD movie that got shelved because Agent Coulson needs a TV series to contain all his awesome). Though, is it really being released in April? I would have thought May, at least. April seems... less tentpole, more cautious optimism.

Either way, looks like Cap's in for some rough times. Excellent.
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