Way To Be, Duck

I did warn you all that, because of the American Long Weekend, it might be a slow couple of days until the news machine got up and running again. Unlike the Canadian Long Weekend, which barely caused the internet to wobble, because a long weekend to a Canadian is no reason not to show to work the next day and get back to it.

Anyway, to fill the gap, I call attention to Ze Frank's bizarre and fantastic series of videos, True Facts About..., which blend the absurdity of natural biology which a pretty decent Morgan Freeman impression and the batshit insanity of the evolutionary process. I've liked the video on ducks, which is hilarious for reasons you'll discover when you watch it, but really, watch any of the videos. The one on Aye Ayes is good, and the Sea Pig too. In fact, just watch all of them. I started off watching the one on the Mantis shrimp, suddenly its an hour later, and I've just learned a lot more then I ever thought I would about bird rape.

Oh, and he's also got one about Morgan Freeman. Yeah, it's kind of awesome.
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