Bryan Cranston Could Start Giving Morgan Freeman A Run On Narrating Things

Bryan Cranston reading Shelley's Ozymandias is about as haunting as you can get. And pretty pitch perfect for the coming final episodes of Breaking Bad, which begin on August 11th on AMC (and reviews will appear here on Tuesdays, replacing the departing Continuum recaps).

Because of a particular English professor back in the day, the line "Nothing beside remains. Round the decay" causes my mind immediately to jump to Yeats' The Second Coming, which wouldn't have been as perfectly suited for this, but I very much want to hear Cranston read aloud now. In fact, I will go on record as saying I would pay many monies for an audio collection of Cranston reading classic poetry in a threatening manner.

And the book of Revelations. Especially the "behold a pale horse" bit.

Via Uproxx.
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