Community Attempts To Court The Favour Of Spurned Viewers

I'm going to admit something here: I've given up on Community. I think. As much as I hope Dan Harmon's return means good things for the (presumably) final season of the show, Donald Glover's departure is not a sign of confidence. Plus, season four alienated me in a spectacular fashion. It will be the season I pretend simply never happened, which might be problematic if any of its various and underwhelming plots come into play in season five (the fact that Jeff graduated can't be glossed over).

In an effort to combat viewer fatigue with the show, Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks has joined the cast. You'll remember him from his previous Thursday night comedy appearance, in Parks and Rec, seen above. In Community, he'll be playing Anne's criminology professor, Pat Nichols, who will appear in 11 of the 13 season five episodes this season. Which will make him essentially part of the main cast, except for tax purposes. It'll also make him the most reoccurring professor in a single season since John Oliver's Professor Duncan. Rob Corddry will also return to the show, playing lawyer Alan Connor, Jeff's legal nemesis.

From my perspective, this season has more winning-me-over to do then it did back when it was a new series. Back then, it could have been anything. Now, I know what it can do right, and I know what it can do very wrong. Here's hoping for the former and not the latter. Once NBC decides when they're going to air it.

Via Uproxx.
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