Gotham's Going To Burn

We're just over two months away from the release of Batman: Arkham Origins, and I'm anxious to see if WB Games Montreal's prequel will live up to the Rockstar Games. The steady release of footage, including this trailer featuring Firefly, makes it seem like they've done a near-enough-as-makes-no-difference. I'm a little less enthused about the voice work, with Batman and Alfred sounding pretty stiff, but maybe that's just the way the trailers have edited them. Troy Baker, for his part, is doing a decent Mark Hamill-as-Joker impression, though my preference would have been to leave the Joker out of it entirely, because you don't always need the Joker.

And as much as the gender shift on Copperhead is appreciated, how much do you want to bet it was done because Harley isn't in the game?

Via ComicsAlliance.
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