He's Been Out Of The World For A Spell

Agents of SHIELD has already overcome the first major obstacle in getting a series to air, in that it has been picked up. Now, it moves on to the next challenging bit: producing more episodes. And with that comes casting of new roles, and look who it is! Ron Glass, AKA Firefly's Shepard Book, in full SHIELD lab gear.

I had no doubt that, like Dollhouse before it, SHIELD would feature guest appearances by former Whedon regulars, but I wasn't expecting the talented if under the radar Glass, and I wasn't expecting anyone so soon. And to be perfectly honest, I was expecting the first Whedon regular to appear on the secret spy show to be Adam Baldwin, who seems like too perfect a fir for the series not to have been cast in a role already.

Time will tell whose next.

Via The Mary Sue.
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