If Trends Continue, Ultron May Have Some Perverse Sexual Fetish

James Spader is one of my favourite actors, and not just because he's rocking that pimp hat up there. Certainly he's one of the few who could get me excited about watching a drama on NBC again. Of all his various roles, many of whom are deviants in some grotesque way, I've always found his turns as villains to be far more satisfying then his time as heroes. As much as I love, and will defend Boston Legal, I feel that the Alan Shore that appeared in the final season of The Practice, the man destined to tear down everything the show had built up, was a far meatier version of the character (this version lived on though the first season of Legal, then the show became a cartoon, which was equally enjoyable).

So, it is exciting that Marvel have announced that Spader as been cast as Ultron in Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Exciting for a number of reasons. First, they've hired a fantastic actor based on the quality of his performance, not on market appeal (because bizarrely, Spader isn't a hot topic in the 15-25 crowd). Second, when Whedon said they'd be doing an original origin for Ultron, the internet assumed that meant that Tony Stark would have a hand in creating the killer robot, rather then Hank Pym. So, either Spader's role will be motion captured, and make good use of his voice, or Ultron will have a far different origin then we have yet imagined. Perhaps a man driven mad by obsession embraces the Singularity?

Pair this with the casting of Elizabeth Olsen (never thought I'd be excited about an Olsen being cast in anything) as Scarlett Witch, and Whedon has got himself a top shelf cast. The Avengers sequel will being filming his winter in Pinewood Studios London, after James Gunn has wrapped up his equally impressively cast Guardians of the Galaxy.

Via Den of Geek.
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