I'm Blinded By Science

Here's something I don't understand: we're living in an age when eighties nostalgia is at it's maximum (with the return of Boy Meets World, it might actually be on the wane). When toys and series and movies from that decade are constantly being remade, rebooted and flogged to hipsters and those craving the simplicity of their youth at an amazing rate. And people are making huge amounts of cash off of this desperation.

So how is it, during all of this, that Weird Science hasn't been considered for modernisation? Two computer geeks discover a way to digitally create the perfect woman, who then goes on a sex-spree? How, in the age of 3D printers, internet pornography, and the rise of Geek culture, has this film not been raped of all potential? Despite originating in 1985, this seems like a premise tailor made for today's teen-sex-romp cinemas. Not that I particularly want a Weird Science remake, it would almost certainly be terrible. But if 21 Jump Street, Footloose and Teen Wolf are all "worthy" of resurgence, then why not the John Hughes oddity.

Happily, Funny or Die understands the potential in the concept, and even throws in a reference to David Cronenberg's The Fly for good measure. And it stars RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad, who would be an excellent choice for a legitimate remake as well.

Via Guyism.
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