In A(nother) Land Of Myth, And A (Different) Time Of Magic...

OK, this one is on me. I missed it, and I own up to that. My only excuse is that, during the summer months, I don't pay that much attention to the internet. I'm rarely around a computer, and don't check feed sites with same regularity that I do while I'm trying not to work. So this one slipped through my fingers. Until now.

I'm all kinds of excited about the BBC's Atlantis, for many reasons. Firstly, Classical Greek Mythology is one of my areas of expertise, and any adaptation, no matter how terrible they ultimately turn out (and sadly, often do), is of interest to me. Secondly, Howard Overman is running this series, and despite both Misfits and Dirk Gently having rough patches, both were good series, and I expect more of the same (with better consistency) from Atlantis. Third, it has a fantastic cast.

More details arrived at the start of the month, accompanied by the poster seen above, about the series. The cast have now all been associated with roles, and I am proud to say that my initial assumptions as to who would be playing what were almost half right. The series will star Jack Donnelly as Jason, who washes up on the shore of Atlantis. According to Overman and Merlin's Johnny Capps, the series will take place "before" the modern myths, which will allow the writers to explore mythical characters like "Medusa...before she becomes a snake‑haired goddess." And I won't point out that Medusa wasn't a goddess, because I don't want to be that guy.

Co-starring will be Mark Addy as a drastically reinvented version of Hercules, who will "create his legend as the series progresses.  He's not a particularly brave man, but he's utterly charming and has a great sense of humour, and he creates the legend of Hercules." Also seen on the poster is Robert Emms as "the studious" Pythagoras, who will no doubt be the comedic relief sidekick. The rest of the cast include Jemima Rooper as the young Medusa (easily taking on the Morgana-type role here), Juliet Stevenson as the Oracle, Sarah Parish as Pasiphae (mythic wife of King Minos, and mother to:), and Aiysha Hart as Ariadne (the mythic daughter of Minos, who eventually helps Theseus defeat the labyrinth and the Minotaur).

Based on those last two, and the presence of a very obvious minotaur in the poster, I'd guess that we'll also eventually meet King Minos, who will serve as a villainous, King Uther-like presence, and I have to ask why the show isn't called Crete instead of Atlantis, and why the hero isn't Theseus instead of Jason. Because so far, nothing they've described has any similarities to either the myths of Atlantis or Jason, but a significant amount of the Theseus myth. This, no doubt, will be an ongoing concern with me, since I've spent a not-so-small portion of my life studying these myths. I guess I'll just have to get over it.

Via Den of Geek and KSiteTV.
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