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I feel that now is the time to drawn attention to the fantastic mashup tumblr Mad Rock, which blends the antisocial insanity of Mad Men, with the calm, soothing truths of 30 Rock. And I'm not just drawing attention to it now that they've posted my submission (seen above). I'm drawing attention to it because nothing else that doesn't have Simon Pegg associated with it has brought me as much joy over the past week as Mad Rock.

And they posted my submission. Which is pretty weak compared to most of the images they've accumulated, which I blame entirely on me not actually watching Mad Men. I can't stand the show, but thank to blogs like this and the equally hilarious Archer/Mad Men, I at least understand the character archetypes. So, my advice to you is to follow this simple, three step process:

Step 1) Read Mad Rock. It'll take most of your afternoon, but you'll be giggling like a loon the entire time, so you won't care.

Step 2) Suddenly feel the need to marathon through all seven seasons of 30 Rock, do so in an equally embarrassing and impressive amount of time.

Step 3) Take note of any of the innumerably fantastic lines from 30 Rock, submit your own image to the fine folks over at Mad Rock, earn precious internet points.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the worlds of Mad Men and 30 Rock have intersected, nor do I expect it shall be the last. After the jump, I've posted some of my favourites from Mad Rock.

This, for the record, remains my favourite 30 Rock joke, ever

Via Mad Rock.
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