[Review] - Breaking Bad, Season 5 Episode 10, "Buried"

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Well, at least now we know how much money Walter had in that storage locker: enough to support a very large black man's DuckTales fantasies. Unfortunately, Walter has apparently never seen Fargo, and thus I predict that the series will end with a very wealthy hole in the ground, and not much more for his attempt to protect his money.

Hit the jump for the review, which contains spoilers that only ever find dog turds on their lawns in the morning.

First off, are we all in agreement that little Holly has the worst baby scream ever put to film? It was like a raptor giving birth to a New Guinea singing dog. And really sold the emotionality of the scene, as if a scene where an attempted baby-napping needed any additional emotionality.

This episode was all about the revenge of Hank, who wasted no time in trying to built a united front against Walter, telling everyone except for Walt Jr., who was suspiciously absent in this episode following little more then a cameo last week. I understand that his character doesn't have the greatest weight in the arc, but neither does Marie, and she at least gets a support scene per week. It would be nice to see Walt Jr incorporated more into the story, considering that Walter's downfall will have just as much of an effect on him as it will on Skylar.

Speaking of Skylar, she's on a roll this season. After a menacing Alpha Female turn last week, here she fully returned to Team Walter, either out of her own sense of self preservation or an epiphany of affection felt for Walter remember only in the face of losing him forever. I'm leaning towards the former rather then the latter, considering how Skylar-centric her side of her conversation with Hank went. I like the promise that each week, we'll get a scene of Dean Norris killing it with another member of the cast. Last week's very adversarial confrontation with Walter was balanced here by a very tense, but subtle, interrogation with Skylar. And next week promises an equally charged scene opposite Aaron Paul.

It would appear my prediction of Jesse turning on Walter is that much closer to coming true, his descending spiral of self loathing leading to him getting arrested. Because they haven't shown us exactly what connections Hank has drawn between Walter and Heisenberg, we don't know if he has fully connected Jesse with Walter yet. Considering his previous investigation into Pinkman, it may be that he thinks Jesse is only a middleman. If Jesse spills, not only will Hank have everything he'll need to put Walter away (and spur the bleak future we've already seen), but he'll have more then he expected.

So, who survives all this? Walter, obviously at least for while. Despite Saul's suggestion that Hank be sent to Belize, I feel that Hank and Marie will make it out, though torn down and disgraced much as Hank predicts here (it won't help his case that, by carrying out the investigation by himself, he's not exactly following protocol). I waffle back and forth between Skylar surviving, taking little Holly and Walt Jr off into witness protection, and Skylar dying senselessly, the kids going to live with Hank and Marie (which has been the norm the last couple seasons, and has been reiterated several times recently). Jesse's survival depends entirely on what he chooses to do next. If he turns on Walter, he could live, or Walter could kills him to protect himself. If he doesn't turn, but Hank's knowledge of the truth might spur him to try and take down Walter on his own, would almost certainly lead to his death.

What will be of interest to me is, in the remaining half dozen episodes, who will die and when. How long will series progress towards the finale without principle members of the cast. Breaking Bad, unlike other arc-based series, hasn't had a tradition of killing characters. The big bads meet their ends eventually, but the principle cast hasn't been subtracted from at all, despite an earnest effort to kill Hank a couple times. Will they change this pattern leading into the end. Because I honestly cannot see this series ending with everyone safe and sound. They've come too far for any sort of happy ending. It will be a bitter endings, no matter who is left standing.
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