Sex Is Sciencey

Showtime's programmes aren't exactly the greatest works ever put to screen. They aren't schlock, but they aren't art either. They all tend to follow the same pattern, starting strong in the season, then fall into a lull where they are mostly just making time, until coming to a rousing finish. They hype the sensationalistic and it gets them viewers, so I have no doubt that Masters of Sex will be a hit for them. This full length trailer, along with giving us a good view of the repressed William Masters, really sells the sex side of sex research, and Showtime isn't a network afraid to show skin.

I'll be tuning in for Lizzy Caplan, who deserves a hit, and because when he tunes it down to sensible levels, Michael Sheen is a very impressive actors. Plus, I never say no to Beau Bridges (which has meant I've spent some very long nights in some very dark alleyways with a burlap sack and a Philips head screw driver, but I promised I'd never talk about that). Masters of Sex begins September 29th in Dexter's old time slot.

And if Beau Bridges ever asks you for a favour, say no and run.
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