Technical Difficulties... Please Stand By

Some readers may notice the site is not working quite properly today. I don't know why this is. I use Blogger as a platform, and it's probably their fault. New posts will go up as usual, and should be uneffected but don't be surprised if the side menus, add-ons and widgits are all messed up. I'll try to figure out what's wrong, and hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow. Or they won't, and I'll deal with that then.

If you don't notice anything hinky, then kindly disregard this notice. As I'm sure you will anyway.
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About MR. Clark

Adopting the descriptor of "successfully unpublished author", MR. Clark began writing things on the internet in 2012, which he believed to be an entirely reputable and civilized place to find and deliver information. He regrets much.


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