The Gun Will No Longer Be In The Dog

[Author's Note: this post is spoiler free]

Luther creator Neil Cross confirmed last week, at the Edinburgh TV festival, that the recently finished series three will be the last of the BBC programme. This comes as little surprise to anyone who has seen series three (reviews of which can be found here), as it had a very definitive end. And together, the three series form a complete character deconstruction and reconstruction. As I said after the final episode aired, the story not only needed to end, but it would be to its detriment to see it continue just for the sake of continuing. So, I feel no sadness seeing the character retired.

There does remain a hope from both Cross and series star Idris Elba, that a prequel film will happen at some point, if not in cinemas, then at least as a television special (the BBC loves bringing back old series for one offs during the holidays). Until then, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Luther: The Calling, and hope that Elba starting picking better film projects then his recent choices.

And any Americans out there can wait until the end of September, when series three airs on BBC America.

Via The Mary Sue.
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