These Are The Grey Hats

Depression-era mob stories set in LA are really nothing new. And frankly, since L.A. Confidential, there hasn't been a good one (I liked Gangster Squad, mostly because it was a Looney Tunes cartoon). I'd almost say that the material has run itself out. I want to be proven wrong on that, because when done well, it's one of my favourite genres.

I give Mob City (previously Lost Angels, previously L.A. Noir) a benefit of the doubt for two reasons: firstly, it's from Frank Darabont, who has earned all the benefits of any doubts we might have; and secondly, the cast is amazing. Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey DeMunn, Alexa Davalos, Neal McDonough, Edward Burns, Ernie Hudson and Simon Pegg are enough to draw my eye. I hope that those two elements are enough to overcome the primary weaknesses of this trailer: the cartoonish level of violence looks like it might fall too close to Gangster Squad (whose plot it already shares) in terms of action, but take itself too seriously in tone, so the whole thing might come off as cheesy. And the voice over hits square in the middle of some western cliches.

As with so many things, I plan to be disappointed, and hope to be proven wrong.
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