This Post Contains Bad Words

It never fails that, when I go on holiday, something stupidly huge happens, then I come back and everyone's been talking about it for a week and I'm sitting there with an expression on my face usually reserved for frightened infants with no object permanence playing peekaboo. That... didn't happen this time. It nearly did, but I postponed my time off for a whole day in light of the BBC recognising that there was no hope in hell they'd be able to keep Peter Capaldi's casting a secret until November.

Here is, as far as I can discern, chronologically the first of the inevitable Malcolm Tucker/Doctor Who mash-ups, which took a disappointing four hours to be posted after the announcement last week. Four hours? Come on internet, I expected more from you then that.

And I use the words "expected" and "more" quite wrongly there.
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