When This Happens For Real, It Won't Be This Good

There is a rumour going around that Bryan Cranston has been cast to play Lex Luthor in multiple films for the DC Movie Universe. Aside from making perfect sense, I won't go into further detail until this has been confirmed by Warner Bros. Until then, this fan made trailer for What's Eating Superman And Batman, editted together by soylentbrak, puts Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne and Cranston's potential Luther into the world of Henry Cavill's Clark Kent.

And it's pretty damned effective. And make me very, very sad, because the actual finished product of Bruce And Clark's Excellent Adventure will be nowhere near as enjoyable as these two minutes. And to any Affleck nay-sayers, I say watch this and shut up until we get to see the real thing. Because if this fan's efforts prove nothing these, there is potential here. Potential that Zack Synder and David S. Goyer will smother to death with a pillow.
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