A Day Unlike Any Other

On the heels of yesterday's announcement of the title of the 50th anniversary special (because gods forbid they should all do it at once), the BBC has released this very exciting poster for The Day Of The Doctor. Now, I've said right from the moment John Hurt was revealed, and will continue to maintain until this episode inevitably refutes it, that Hurt's Doctor is an aged form of Eight, and that it was his actions at the end of the Time War that have caused his own personal hatred of that regeneration. This poster does very little to convince me I'm wrong.

You can clearly see Hurt, dressed in the Edwardian style Eight took on, surrounded by melting Daleks, TARDIS doors, Gallifreyan symbols and the words "Bad Wolf," the very same words Rose used to end the Time War once and for all. These cannot be coincidencidental images to associate with his character. If Hurt is playing Eight, that doesn't lay good odds on an appearance by Paul McGann (which is all I really wanted, to be honest). But it does open up the potential for at least a cameo from Eccelston, if any flashback include Hurt's regeneration. What has not been made clear, or even referenced, is how the Zygons fit into any of this (remember, the Zygons are in this too).

This is all conjecture at this point. What isn't is the BBC's further announcement of 50th anniversary content, now confirmed to cover the entirety of the BBC. In addition to everything that was announced yesterday, BBC Three is getting in on the festivities with the Doctor Who: Monsters and Villains Weekend, a countdown of  Doctor Who monsters, as voted on by viewers; and Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, an introductory course in the show including a "wealth of archive material."

Radio 1 will examine the music of the programme, including something called Time Lord Rock (TROCK), which I think they've made up, but they are devoting an hour to it, so maybe it's only mostly made up. On Radio 2, David Quantick will host The Blagger’s Guide to Doctor Who, and Graham Norton will broadcast a three hour show live from the Doctor Who Celebration in London the morning of Saturday 23 November. On Radio 4 Extra, Who Made Who? will examine 1960s Britain, a three hour "programme combining audio from the archive, new interviews and extracts from audio versions of Doctor Who."

So, now we await the arrival of the trailer, while I sit here and ponder why Billie Piper got a "with" credit on the poster.

Via Den of Geek.
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  1. If indeed what you say is true...that Hurt is an aged 8 and McGann does not show up for the 50th I will be beyond angry. First...I was really hoping and praying that McGann would be in the 50th, that's all I ever wanted for the 50th. He IS my favorite Doctor. Second...to make him the hated Doctor is such a travesty and insult to him and to us 8 fans and will make me even angrier. I mean really?! Not invite McGann back and then turn around and completely change his 8th Doctor persona into a hated, forgotten incarnation?! Is this what Hurt was talking about when he said 'they've done something kind of controversial that will likely divide DW fans"? And what about Big Finish? What will they do with the 8th Doctor if this is true? I will be SO done with DW if this does turn out to be true.