And Make Bazillons With The Mighty Magic Midas Touch

That is a picture of a raptor in a space suit. In a right and just universe, this would have been the announcement presentation for Jurassic World. Sadly, we do not live in such a place.

What it is, is a piece of promotional art from BOOM! Studios for Midas Flesh, a new collaboration between Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics) and his Adventure Time Comics art team, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. In an interview with ComicsAlliance, North describes Midas Flesh as an idea born out a 2009 strip of Dinosaur Comics, looking at the power of the Midas touch as something akin to a weapon of mass destruction. The story, as North describes it, follows a group of explorers researching a planet which has been completely turned to gold, learning how it happened, and figuring out how this ability could be harnessed and used. And, as the image above suggests, includes a space suit wearing dinosaur. North does not explain why there is a space suit wearing dinosaur in Midas Flesh during the interview, but I'm of the belief that such things don't need explanations.

The eight issue limited series arrives in comic book stores in December. Add it to your pick lists now.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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