At This Point, I Could Care Less

This is going to be a short post to round out the week, but J.J. Abrams has confirmed that due to his commitments on the forthcoming and unnecessary Star Wars sequel, he will not be directing the next and potentially unnecessary Star Trek film. I'd like to say this is good news. It was, after all, the first point of my list of things the franchise needs to do in order to fix itself. Sadly, despite hiring someone new to make certain the actors are in frame, Abrams will still be producing the film, and Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci will still be writing it. Indeed, Abrams also confirmed that he is currently helping them to craft the elements of the story.

So, nothing will change. The flaws that were minor in Star Trek '09, and became big chasms of suck in Into Darkness will no doubt become inescapable howling voids of failure in the next film. So, one last time, I'd like to congratulate these three men for sucking the joy out of Trek for me, again. I feel like I did back during the Voyager/Enterprise years. I'm officially back to not giving a shit about a franchise that was a huge influence on me growing up, and was directly responsible for me becoming a writer.

And for you readers, you don't have to put up with me bitching about it anymore. This is it. I'm just done.

Via Gamma Squad.
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