Dredd: Day Of Action

Back in July, I mentioned the petition to get a Dredd sequel made. I may have, at the time, compared online petitions to pornography. I stand by that comparison. But, since then, the petition has attracted 80,000 signatories, which has spurred those involved behind the scenes to create a "day of action." Find below the complete text of an email sent out to those 80,000 petition supporters earlier today.

Thank you - you're one of more than 80,000 people have now signed the petition calling for a sequel to DREDD! The response to the petition has been just incredible and the endorsement of the owners of Judge Dredd, 2000 AD and Rebellion, has seen the numbers surpass everyone's expectations.

But we still need your help!

On 18th September, we're encouraging everyone to take part in a massive DREDD SEQUEL DAY OF ACTION - we've already made the moneymen who could get behind a sequel sit up and take notice by consistently keeping the DVD and Blu-Ray in the charts on Amazon and now on Netflix.

We're asking everyone who's signed the petition to come together next Wednesday and drive DREDD back up the charts - if everyone who's signed the petition bought an extra DVD or Blu-Ray (either for themselves or as a present for a friend) or rented/bought it on iTunes and Netflix it will send the loudest signal yet that WE WANT MORE DREDD!

So spread the word that on Wednesday 18th September, you're going to bring DREDD back into the public eye! Plus, it's the day that the new comic book sequel comes out, with lots of media attention planned for this and the campaign.

Thanks to Rebellion for helping put this newsletter together - we're also really pleased to reveal that the official T-shirt for the campaign is now available, so you can wear your support with pride!

So, you ready?
This seems very doable. First of all, next Wednesday pick up a copy of the Dredd movie continuation appearing in 2000 AD. You should be doing that anyway. Second, on the way home from the comic book store, stop by your local where ever still sells DVDs and pick up a copy of Dredd for your sister. Because, and I'm just taking a wild shot in the dark on this one, I guessing she doesn't have one yet. Third, when you get home, jump over to the petition website and sign it if you haven't already. Maybe buy the t-shirt, that's up to you.

And producers, if all these efforts actually result in a sequel getting made down the line, please don't name it Dredd: Day Of Action. You can - nay, you must - come up with a better title than that.
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