Gatiss To Play Iron Banker. Unlike Winter, Did Not See That Coming

After many weeks, and much much theorising, Mark Gatiss' role in Game of Thrones has been revealed. He will be playing Tycho Nestoris, representative of the Iron Bank of Braavos, to which the Iron Throne owes much money (recall both Ned and Tyrion's mentions of the crown's enormous debt in previous seasons). Looks like payments are going to come due. Gatiss, it has now been revealed, will appear in episode one of the new series, and likely no more, as his filming was completed very early on in the shooting block.

What it does suggest is a larger role in future seasons, considering that the reason I never suspected Tycho as a possibility is because his character isn't introduced until later books. This suggests that the producers are either thinking in the longer term, or they are beginning to consolidate and push forward certain story lines, to condense the run of the series. Either way, when it was announced that Gatiss would be playing Tycho, my immediate reaction was "yes, that makes perfect sense." And that is as much a sign that the casting agents know what they are doing as anything.

Via Hypable.
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