Gravity Has A Lot Of Gravitas

[This post did not go up when intended because technology is stupid, and also I am tired and might have hit the wrong button. But thew important thing is, it's up now. Also, I'm going to get some sleep.]

Everyone seems to be loving Gravity, Alfonso CuarĂ³n’s forthcoming space science drama. Everyone includes James Cameron, but I could honestly care less what he thinks about anything, so I'll judge the film for myself on October 4th, where for the first time I will specifically see a film in 3D because I feel (pause for hell to freeze over) that it will add to the experience of watching the film.

This trailer only highlights more of the elements that seem to be shaping Gravity into the best movie of the year, certainly a movie I feel has the potential to live up to the hype preceeding it's release. And we lovers of science badly need a win in the movie department.

That last comment should not be confused with some sort of competition between a science department and a film studies department at a major post-secondary educational institution. Because the boffins would wipe the floor with those theatre rats everytime.
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