HBO Is Open For Business

I'm just going to say this: Ryan Murphy is a weird guy. His shows are weird, and successful. They last far longer then they should, and while starting off interesting and provocative, almost always devolve very quickly into psycho sexual softcore porn (except Glee. That was always pornography. All that singing and dancing, it's just unseemly). Which I suppose is pretty much the point Murphy is trying to make. And hey, why not? The modern television audience is much more accepting of sexuality, and the repressed American psyche is always looking for a new way to satisfy their vicarious fetishes and deviancies.

For once, it appears that Murphy isn't sugarcoating a pitch, and just going straight at what the inevitably outcome will be. His new series on HBO is called Open, and will focus on Michelle Monaghan (who will also be appearing in True Detective) playing a gynaecologist named Grace, in what is described as "a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships." Also starring in the series is Scott Speedman as Grace’s fiance, Anna Torv (in her first post-Fringe role) and Jennifer Jason Leigh as lesbians, and Wes Bentley as "a bit of a blowhard who loves espousing his theories on human sexuality." He sounds insufferable.

HBO has never been hurting for original programming, but they really are having something of a content explosion right now. Seems every time we turn around, they are green lighting some new project. And here I was concerned that they wouldn't have enough money to properly devote to American Gods. At the rate they are burning cash, they must have barrels of it. Perhaps buried in the desert.

No, wait, that's another network.

Via Uproxx.
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