Kevin Spacey Knows More Than You, So You Should Listen To Him

Kevin Spacey gave the keynote address at the Edinburgh International Television Festival a few weeks back, and detailed what he believes to be the death of modern television. America networks, outdated rating systems, over reliance on advertises and lowest common denominators are all reasons why the best shows on TV right now are on HBO, the BBC, and Netflix. And why the most popular shows on TV right now are about a middle aged man who cooks meth and kills people, and a show about dragons.

Meanwhile, on the "conventional" side of the television spectrum, you have NBC, which is as much a poster child for the ineptitude and self-cannibalism of the industry as anything. And despite Hannibal being fantastic, that is a cable quality show that somehow survived a first season on network, but I have to assume doesn't have long for this world in that environment.

Spacey makes fair, logical arguments, and suggests solutions that are doable, because they are being done at Netflix, and at FX. But require the old school establishment to take their heads out of their asses and realise that, not only are they making bad art, but also destroying their own jobs, and not making the money they could be making if they products they offer were of a higher quality (to use the drug analogy, yes, drug addicts will snort something that is only 14% pure, but they will die because of all the Drano used to cut the product. But a 98% pure product will keep them coming back, time and time again, satisfied and toothless).

Spacey's speech is 45 minutes, but well worth the watch. So... watch it.

Via Uproxx.
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