Newsroom Season 3 To Take Some Time

Despite season 2 having stable ratings, and Jeff Daniels' surprising (and, in competition with both Bryan Cranston and Kevin Spacey, undeserving) Emmy win the other night, HBO has still not given any indication of a season 3 pick up for Newsroom, beyond their previous statement concerning scheduling. Turns out the reason for this might not be network hesitation, but creator hesitation. Speaking to Anne Thompson at an Emmy party Sunday night, Aaron Sorkin said that "I need time to think about it."

Exactly what he means isn't exactly clear. However, it might be surmised that he is currently busy with the adaptation of Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography, currently under development at Sony. Sorkin prefers to work on one thing at a time, having previously chosen not to continue Sport Night at HBO in order to focus on his new series, West Wing, at NBC. Indeed, his participation in this Jobs bio-pic has been postponed due to his involvement with season two of the Newsroom. So, a logical analysis of both his and HBO's comments might be that, he wants to focus on the Steve Jobs job, HBO wants a third season of Newsroom, and both can't happen at the same time. Sony has already been waiting (I'm sure they would have preferred to have something to market to compete with Ashton Kutcher's recent Jobs), and should probably be the next to get a kick at the can.

I have no doubt we'll eventually get a third season of Newsroom, if HBO wants it badly enough. We just might have to wait longer for it. Instead of a summer 2014 release, it might be a winter 2014, or even a summer 2015 release. HBO, because they are beholden to no one, can make that sort of schedule work, and hope that the viewers will return. Of course, if Sorkin waits a year, he might skip the whole show forward a year, and that'll mean these predictions were for nothing.

What do you mean they were for nothing anyway? You don't think Sorkin reads this prattle? You don't think he... nah, you're right. I can't even fake indignation.

Via Collider.
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