Something Deep And Dark

Remember how the other day, Kevin Spacey was making the point that the networks have sapped any possibility of quality out of their dramatic series in the name of viewership statistics and advertising dollars, and all the best television is being made on cable, because those networks allow their shows greater creative freedom? Well, HBO would like to back up that point with this trailer for True Detective, starring Woody Harrelson (in his return to television after 20 years), Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Monaghan.

The series is from first time television writer Nic Pizzolatto, wrote all eight episodes of the series, which follows two detectives over seventeen years, as they hunt for a serial killer. So, look forward to lots of time jumps, slow reveals and the slow deconstruction of once stable characters into empty husks of their former selves. I can't wait!

Seriously, this looks good. Probably not jiggle heavy, but dark and moody and if the writing doesn't buckle under the weight of the concept, is probably going to be a solid winter series.

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