The Dark Knight Continues?

You can say this about the internet, it never gives up on something it likes. And a lot of people liked Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy (I was partial to only two thirds, myself). So, it was only a matter of time before some industrious fans decided to keep it going. And that's exactly what these folks have done. Over on Indiegogo, they are looking for donations to make the first full episode of The Dark Knight Legacy: The Ultimate Batman Fan Series, the teaser of which they've released as part of Machinima's second annual interactive film festive. The proposed series would follow John Blake as Nightwing, and a version of Stephanie Brown that is apparently just an Aryan version of Renee Montoya.

The teaser is fine. That's the truth of it. I've seen better fan films, and I've seen far worse. The production values seem high, or at least do a good enough job of making them look better than they are. But the writing is simplistic and the acting is... adequate. Their version of the Penguin is flat out embarrassing, verging on parody, but I did like their version of the Ventriloquist. And this version of Red Hood seems like it would fit perfectly into the cinematic continuity. So, watch this, donate to their cause if you want, or don't and wait until inevitably the next enterprising group of youngsters with a camera take Nolan's vision into their own hands.

Via the Mary Sue.
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