The Fraggles Will Not Be Forgotten

I feel like The Fraggles are the red haired step child of the Muppets, and they really shouldn't be. While the Muppets proper are known world wide, and Sesame Street has been rightly engrained on the minds of children for generations, because of Fraggle Rock's four season run, lack of high profile follow-ups, and because each edition was region specific, they aren't held in as high regard as the rest of Jim Henson's creations. Or, at least, not as well remembered. This is a crime, because the Fraggles are as wonderful as anything else Henson created, and because he had very specific intentions with the Fraggles, that there would be a philosophy driving the show, rather then the broader concepts of the Muppets and The Street.

All of this is a prelude to the recent DragonCon panel which saw Fraggle puppeteers Karen Prell and Kathryn Mullen bring out and perform Red and Mokey respectively. And it’s just a joy to see these characters still loved by whomever has the good sense to recognize them as equals to the likes of Kermit and Big Bird.

And it begs the question, whatever happened to that Fraggle Rock movie? That needs to get made yesterday. Get on it Brian Henson.

Via The Mary Sue.
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