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Setting aside the fact that most of you can't, but really, why is that stopping you? It's as simple as moving to the UK. Which is a small price to pay for good television (plus, then you'll be living in the UK, which is a better place to live then not). Of course, then there would be a delay on AMC and FX series, and most films get a staggered release. In which case, you'd have to move to the US. But then you'd be living in the US, which I personally don't recommend, but if it works for you, good on ya. If only there were a way to watch everything, no matter where you lived, that while technically being illegal, made your life just that much more pleasant. But that sounds like science fiction nonsense, and we shall speak no more of it.

This trailer for the BBC's upcoming drama season is exciting for a couple reasons. First, obviously, it heavily features Sherlock, which everyone has been expecting to arrive early in the new year. Does this 2013 trailer suggest a pre-Christmas broadcast? Second, because former Doctor David Tennent has a new series, The Escape Artist, and future Doctor Peter Capaldi will appear in an adaptation of the The Three Musketeers. The one I'm most looking forward to (yes, even more then Sherlock) is the return of Ripper Street, which had a fantastic first series, and because I'm a sucker for Victorian-based crime drama.

Meanwhile, State-side, NBC prepares to settle for what it can get.
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