Tiff Experiences An Evolution

With the Toronto International Film Festival all wrapped up, the TIFF Bell Lightbox is set to unveil their first original exhibition. The Lightbox is one of my favourite places, and the exhibitions they've hosted in the past have been extraordinary, so I'm excited to see how they make out with their first original touring show. According to TIFF, "David Cronenberg: Evolution, parallels David Cronenberg's evolution as a filmmaker with his longstanding fascination with the possibilities and perils of human evolution itself." The exhibit, opening November 1st, will explore the evolution of Cronenberg's career, themes and style in three separate sections, which will include "sixty original artifacts, visionary designs, and rare and unseen footage."

As well, TIFF will be devoted to Cronenberg over the winter. Special guests, such as Jeremy Irons and Howard Shore, will be introducing special screenings of Cronenberg's films, and the theatre will be playing a selection of films that influenced, or have been influenced by the director, including a retrospective entitled
Psychoplasmic Panic! Cronenberg and the Rise of Body Horror which looks fantastic. There will also be interactive components to the exhibition, including Body/Mind/Change, billed as an experience that "immerses audiences in a 'Cronenbergian' world inspired by the film Videodrome, re-imagined for the 21st century," and the Virtual Exhibition, an online collection of interviews, production materials, essays and interactive components created in collaboration with OCAD University, Sheridan College, and York University.

The exhibition runs from November 1st to January 19th. Tickets went on sale earlier this week.

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