Trailer Thursday: Toy Story Of Terror

The first trailer (or, to be more accurate, TV promo) for Pixar's Toy Story of Terror has been released, and there really isn't anything to say other than the expectation is that Pixar will be as adept at making 22 minute long shorts as they have been making five minute long shorts, and that they will be as adept at making a Toy Story short as they have been at making Toy Story films. The entire voice cast has returned, and while I don't have any particular wish to ever see a Toy Story 4, I wouldn't be against having a Toy Story TV special every couple years.

In related news, Pixar has announced that due to Bob Peterson's removal as director of The Good Dinosaur, and a replacement beyond the Pixar Brain Trust has yet to be found, the release date for that film has been pushed back to November 25, 2015. Which was the original release date for Finding Dory, necessitating a move for that film to June 26, 2016 (which as a summer release will undoubtedly mean more money for the studio). This leaves Pixar without a 2014 release, the first time since 2005's gap between the Incredibles and Cars. Peterson's removal from The Good Dinosaur is nothing new, Pixar has relieved directors on films that just aren't working as far back as Toy Story 2. But it doesn't help a studio that has seen a drop in quality over the last few offerings.

Only time, plus a little extra, will tell if Dinosaur will be better for the delay.

Via Collider.
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