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I'll freely admit that, until last summer's Avengers, I was never that big a fan of Scarlett Johansson. She to that point just never impressed me, but made great use of what is arguably the best written role in Whedon's script. I would have even hesitated to call her a "movie star." Certainly, she had appeared in a few tent pole films, and even garnered critical acclaim for selected roles. But her post Avengers career looks to be a whole different bucket of stuff then what came before.

She's certainly picking more interesting projects, like the forth coming Don Jon, and this bizarre film, Under the Skin. Where she plays an "alien disguised as an alluring female so she can capture muscular men." And by the looks of this trailer, the film plays up the alien angle by making the film as avant-garde and unconventional as possible. A lot of these shots remind me of movies from the seventies, like Clockwork Orange. And looks as generally odd as possible without being laughable.

Because something about this trailer suggests that this film isn't going to be giggle heavy.
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