What Is It With Squirrels All Of A Sudden?

Let's be honest here, there isn't any other news today beyond the fact that Breaking Bad ended last night, and I haven't watched it yet. So I'm wading through the minefield of spoilers that is the internet with trepidation today. As far as I'm concerned, I've got my fingers stuck in my ears, singing la-la-la until I timeshift my ass tonight.

Here is a trailer for Peter Lepeniotis’ animated film The Nut Job, based on his own short film. Set in the 1950's, it follows a squirrel and rat duo as they plan to rob a nut store, which I don't think are things that actually exist (nut stores, that is. My thoughts on squirrels are well documented). It doesn't look spectacular, the cast is the stand mixture of comedians, A-listers looking for an easy cheque and people who can't get hired to do anything else, and they've reused the Despicable Me fonts for the tag cards. with a release in January, I suspect Nut Job will be one of those films that only the most desperate of parents ever see, and that everyone will forget ever existed by mid-February.

So, why am I bothering to post it at all? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with Heisenberg. That's why.
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