Whatever Remains, No Matter How Improbable, SHALL NOT PASS

Chronologically speaking, the final canonical Sherlock Holmes story written by Doyle was His Last Bow, set in 1914, and featuring an ageing and retired Holmes embroiled in European intrigue in the lead up to the First World War. Since then, many many authors have posited as to what Holmes winter years were like, in the aftermath of the Great War and the mounting tensions on the continent. And we can add another title to that seemingly never waning list: A Slight Trick Of The Mind.

What makes Slight Trick stand out is that Holmes will be played by Sir Ian McKellen, and the film will be set in 1947, after the Second World War, which would make the character 93. It will see a Watsonless Holmes living in Sussex, and becoming involved in a mystery thanks to his housekeeper's amateur sleuth son. The film is based on a novel of the same name by Mitch Cullin, adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, and directed by Bill Condon, who directed McKellen in 1998's Gods and Monsters, the film that really introduced McKellen to the international audience.

I have complex opinions about Holmes, and continuing his story outside of Doyle's stories, but most of those opinions concern writers dropping Holmes into any sort of nonsense they want. The Homes stories (the early ones, anyway) are based on the scientifish concepts like deduction and cold logic. So long as this story remains true to the tone and heart of the character, and doesn't just use him as a play thing because he's a public domain character, then I look forward to McKellen's portrayal.

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