When Seeking Help, Always Ask Advice From Those Who Have No Idea What They Are Talking About

Every Young Man's Battle is a video of pure intent that aims to help youths overcome the all consuming malevolent force that is pornography. The sort of pornography that you get drunk and watch with your friends, on what I can only assume is VHS. The sort of VHS where the quality is severely reduced in some parts due to constant pausing and rewinding. And would only inevitably lead to several people being very uncomfortable, while others are far too comfortable.

This video looks (read: probably was) put together by people who: 1) have never actually seen pornography, but have had it described to them by the sort of people who would know about that sort of thing; 2) were trained in the arts of acting, directing and video editing 7 minutes before they started to film; 3) could not find any actual youths to appear in the video, and therefor had to settle for the least old looking folks who attended that week's prayer circle casting call.

But remember kids, if your strangely aggressive and vindictive friends ever invite you over to watch pornography with them, just say no. Instead, pay a visit to your single, ginger-moustached councillor in the middle of the night while the lyrics "inside out" seductively croon from somewhere deep within the house. Because that will end with innocence being preserved.

And if you're going to group watch porn, definitely do it with a guy this well adjusted.

Dude just wanted to share the wonder
that is the human body with his chum.

Now there is no one with whom to share. 

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