You Can't Have The Duffy Without The Wynn

Details about Justified's upcoming fifth season are still frustratingly few, some vague rumours aside. One thing that can be reported as "known" is that series long adversary and cockroach-in-a-nuclear-explosion Wynn Duffy, played with reserve and television's best upper third of a head by Jere Burns, has been promoted to a series regular.

Anyone can, and often does, die on Justified, but the regular cast has been remarkably stable over the first four years of the show. So far, as long as they've appeared in the opening credits, a character has been guaranteed a degree of security. Not so much in the reoccurring and guest starring roles. Duffy has thus far survived Raylan, Quarles, Nick Augustine and Graham Yost twice, and has been awarded for that survival with the promise of longevity. He'll start season five as Detroit's top man in Kentucky, and able to exert a degree of control over the Crowder crime syndicate after his late season four manipulation of a broken and dejected Boyd.

Via Uproxx.
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