A Moustache Is A Power Weapon, Wield It Wisely

We began the week with Nick Offerman, so it is only fitting that we end the week with Nick Offerman. And as with last year, Offerman and his fine facial foliage are the official spokesperson for Movember, the annual drive to increase men's health awareness, and to grow thick, luscious lip mittens (lip mittens would be a great name for a band). This year, Offerman takes us on a journey through the hallowed halls of moustache history, highlighting those soup strainers that changed the world.

And what is abundantly clear is that, whichever screenwriter out there is adapting Edmund Morris' epic three part biography of Teddy Roosevelt needs to send that script to Offerman post haste. It is the third role he was born to play. And he would be marvellous in it.

Via Uproxx.
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