Captain Tightpants Is A Human Being

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I don't have conflicted opinions about season 4 of Community: I think it was, with a single puppet-filled exception, terrible. Or rather, it was bland and utterly lacking anything resembling charm or wit, thus putting it on level playing field with every sitcom over on CBS.

I'm worried about season 5 though. Despite hiring back Dan Harmon as a sign of good faith on Sony's part, the show is now without Chevy Chase (about a year too late on that move), will be largely Donald Glover-less, and will have to contend with season 4 being canon, unless they just pretend like none of that nonsense happened. This will undoubtedly be the final season, and I think that's probably for the best.

It seems as if Dan Harmon is trying to lure viewers back in by stacking the guest stars roaster. First was Jonathan Banks in a practically full time role as Anne's criminology professor, "Pat Nichols". Then it was Justified star Walter Goggins, playing the "mysterious and emotionless" Mr. Stone. Now it's revealed that Patron God of Geeks, Nathon Fillion will play Greendale's head custodian Bob Waite. Anne and Nichols will run afoul of the "politically savvy head custodian who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty but is smart enough to wear rubber gloves," which makes him sound about as sensible a man as the rest of Greendale's staff, which has included a Machiavellian Vice-Dean, an alcoholic man-child in the Psychology department, and Chang.

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