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It is entirely a coincidence that the day I review the new biography of Jim Henson, Disney releases the new poster for Muppets Most Wanted (whose first full trailer I'll assume will be attached to Frozen next month). But it is a nice bit of coincidence.

Sadly, it's not a nice looking poster. My problems with it are thus:

1) The humans. Once again, the humans are given top billing, despite being secondary characters. It was different back when Michael Caine was Scrooge, because the Muppets were the supporting characters in that one film. But if Kermit is the main star of the movie, there isn't a reason in the world why the credits shouldn't list him first. Additionally, it bothers me that Ty Burrell appears to be the only one in character on this poster. Rick Gervais only ever plays himself anyway, so I'll let that slide (but only just), but what the hell is going on with Tina Fey? She's playing a Russian Gulag officer, yet here she's reacting like Tracey and Jenna just got up to some hijinks. That, and all three of them are terribly over photo shopped.

2) If the thing that the evil Kermit is doing with his finger in the corner of his mouth is meant to be a Dr. Evil reference, than that is a reference that is 15 years too late.

3) The entire poster in general. It's way too in keeping with the template of the previous film, in being a character spread. It exudes no humour, no style, and tells us nothing about the film other than it has Muppets in it, and they are watching you. If you look at the various posters the Muppets have used over the years, by comparison, this one is just bland (I had the same feelings about the last film's posters). I mean, even the Muppets don't look enthusiastic about it.

Here's hoping the film is better than these posters (and the last one was, so I have a hope. Unfortunately, Gervais and Burrell's presence does not fill me with confidence).

Via Den of Geek.
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