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Despite a name, and a poster, and now some new promo images, the BBC has yet to release a trailer for The Day of the Doctor, despite the fact we're just over a month away from the 50th anniversary. And as interesting as these pictures are, they aren't moving. And either they are burying the lead with all the multi-Doctor stuff, or the monsters aren't going to play as large a role as we might have thought, but there hasn't been a single mention of the Zygons since the 50th was announced.

Anyway, hit the jump for the rest of the pictures, and a brief discussion about what they could mean.

So, the Doctor dangling is nothing new, considering they filmed the scenes in the very public place of Trafalgar Square. And they probably couldn't have chosen a less interesting picture of Coleman's Clara and Jemma Redgrave's Stewert. What is potentially interesting is that these pictures confirm the return of the Coral desktop theme that Nine and Ten used, and in a roundabout way confirming that Tennant and Piper will be returning as series two era Doctor and Rose, and not the frankly stupid Donna-Doctor stuck in the alternate universe. Since they don't have a TARDIS. Good. That story development gets my dander up.

Now to John Hurt, whose exact role remains a mystery (and Steven Moffat has said some very unhelpful things recently that I won't repeat because he's obviously messing with us and I don't appreciate that). But note three things. Thing the first: the slightly militaristic way in which his Edwardian dress has been modified, including a chest holster for his sonic. I stand by my assessment that he is an aged and war weary version of Eight, tired and desperate from the Time War, and that it is the (previously hinted at) mysterious action that he took to end said war, and thus destroy Gallifrey and most of the Daleks, that has caused him to be expunged from the Doctor's good graces. His battle readiness seems to support this thesis. Thing two, and related: observe that his clothes consist of an Edwardian waistcoat, as worn by Eight, and a military style leather jacket, reminiscent of the leather biker jacket worn by Nine. This might suggest he is the intermediary phase between the two.

Thing the second, notice that his sonic is red tipped. While not obviously similar in terms of design (it might also be upside down) to any of the sonics used by previous regenerations, the red tip was characteristic of the sonic used by Fourth through Eighth Doctors. Another connection to the show's past that might suggest the mystery Doctor's origin.

37 days until we find out, I guess.

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