His Name Is Bilbo

I have high hopes for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Despite the first film being kind of rubbish, I feel that the second film in this trilogy will be the stand out. Whenever I read the books, it's the portion of the text that this film will cover that excites me the most, as it does everyone. And for good reasons: there is a shape shifting bear, there are giant spiders, there is a dragon. And the film has just as much going for it: there is indeed a shape shifting bear, there will be a horribly obese Stephen Fry, and there will be a dragon.

Which we get to hear for the first time in this new trailer for the film. The previous trailer gave us a proper look at his fish head, and now we know what Benedict Cumberbatch will sound like in the film. Now all the remains is to see how they are put together, and how the film makers approached the dreaded "lips" issue.

After the jump, check out the new banners for the film, as advertising on the sequel kicks into high gear now that we're only two months away from the release.


Via Collider and Den of Geek.
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