I, Frankenstein Looks Like Something I, Can Miss

There is a scene in the second series of Episodes where the TV executive complains that his network doesn't have a "vampire show," but insists that it can't be the standard vampires and werewolves stuff. His team immediately begins to shout out every unusual fantasy creature they can think of, like trolls, and Gypsies.

I can't help but wonder if it wasn't exactly this sort of conversation that led to I, Frankenstein getting a green light. Underworld had vampire and werewolves, so the next movie has to be fantasy horror somethings vs. somethings. And low and behold, the comic on which this film is based is noticed, and here we are with a Frankenstein vs. gargoyles film. That looks bad. I mean, Underworld wasn't good, but the original had it's charms. But I, Frankenstein looks worse than your usual January release bad, this looks Van Helsing bad. This looks Asylum direct-to-video bad.

And I had no idea that Bill Nighy had such crippling gambling debts, as that is clearly the only reason for his involvement here.
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