I No Longer Like NBC

It helps that I wasn't particularly taken with them to begin with, but this really caps me in the slidesock. As everyone should be aware, NBC is leading the pack with tanking in the ratings. If it is scripted and on NBC, chances are no one is watching it. It helps (or, doesn't help, I've muddled my intentions) that the vast majority of the scripted stuff on NBC is absolute bilge froth. The isolated islands of quality remain Parks and Rec, Hannibal (which is largely autonomous) and the James Spader specific moments of Blacklist. The only thing that could qualify as a success on NBC is the Voice.

So NBC have taken the bold step in reinventing the network, bringing in all new creative teams and investing in the idea that they can rebrand themselves as the cable-quality network equivalent. No, I'm just joking. They're doubling down on the Voice because Americans will watch anything where people both cry and win. And NBC is willing to sacrifice what little good they do have to make certain as many Americans are watching as still watch broadcast TV (read: very few).

Effective immediately, Parks and Rec is on a hiatus. Next week it will be replaced by The Voice, and a week after that a Saturday Night Live Halloween special will air, because this is 1979 and SNL is still relevant. After that another week of the Voice, followed by two weeks of hour long Parks and Rec burn offs (including their Halloween and Election episodes, just in time for American Thanksgiving). It'll then be replaced with more reality TV nonsense until Jan 9th, when it will move to 8:30 to make room for the recently announced return of Community (which, a year ago, I would have been looking forward to, and this year I'm more cautious).

So, in summery, no Parks until Nov 14th, then no Parks until Jan 9th. If no one is watching when the show is keeping to a regular schedule, how the hell do they think people will watch it if it's only on bi-monthly?

NBC, if you could meet me after the jump, I'd like to tell you something personally.

Via The Mary Sue.
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