Marvel Looks To Grow In The Future [Updated]

I don't usually like to report casting assumptions, because they more often than not turn out to be either 1) false or b) irrelevant when someone unexpected pulls a Kansas City Shuffle and gets the part. But I'm still catching up on the weekend's news, and this is fun.

Reports are that the two front runners for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man film are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd. Ant-Man is the film of focus for Marvel now, since they've got cameras rolling in front of Guardians, and Avengers is coming along nicely to start filming in the late winter. Variety reports that "both [actors] are poised to meet with Marvel execs and Wright one more time before a final decision is made." Variety is also reporting that the actors are auditioning for the role of Hank Pym, which might be a mistake or might be a sign of things having changed by way of the script. When first we heard about Ant-Man way way back in the heady days of the post-Iron Man Phase 1, Wright's take was going to be multigenerational, with Pym the original Ant-Man of the sixties, and Scott Lang would be the modern Ant-Man (my suggestion for the elder Pym was Steve Martin). This has either changed, or Variety got their Ant-Men mixed up. Or, it could be that Rudd and Levitt are competing for the role of the younger, sixties-centred Pym.

See, this is why I hate reporting this stuff: there is just too much that is hearsay. Wright is apparently looking for an everyman looking actor, to contrast the large ball of man-pretty that is the Avengers (so, more in the realm of Mark Ruffalo's Banner). I wouldn't necessarily class Levitt as an everyman, not after his turns of late. But I can see either of them working well with Wright. I feel that Levitt would have the edge, being able to match the comedy with the action, while Rudd would be more of a slacker hero (actually, in a perfect world, Rudd would be a better Plastic Man over at DC).

Update: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has clarified that this rumour, for his part, is "nothing but lies." Which is why I don't usually publish this stuff. Dammit to hell, reality. Stop proving my preconceptions valid!

Marvel meanwhile, off the successful full season pick up of Agents of SHIELD at ABC, the company is reportedly shopping "a content package of four drama series and a miniseries that totals 60 episodes" to non-traditional broadcasters like Netflix and Amazon. There is no indication as to what the content might be, whether it might be the proposed Peggy Carter series, or something entirely new. As I've pointed out in the past, there are more than enough potential ideas for serialised stories on TV or reasonable TV substitutes.

What's important to remember is that absolutely none of the above is actual news, just rumor. 

Via Collider, twice.
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