My Favourite Batgirl Returns To DC Comics

Art by Dustin Nguyen
Dustin Nguyen
Dustin Nguyen

I say that, but I've been burned before. After being unceremoniously wiped from existence during the New 52, Stephanie Brown is set to make a return to DC Comics properly (she was intended to be the Robin in the Smallville continuation book, before being replaced with Barbara Gordon). Scott Snyder, writer of Batman (one of only two books worth reading over at DC right now), and mastermind behind next year's weekly Batman: Eternals title, announced this past weekend in New York that fan favourite Buffy-of-the-Bat-family Brown would be returning during the run on Eternals. Credit goes to co-writer James Tynion IV, and to the DC editorial staff for getting their thumbs out of their asses, at least until a week before publication when they do a 180 and insist that the character be renamed Marcia Goodenheim, and have green hair.

Synder didn't elaborate on what Brown's role in the New 52 would be, consider that they already have a Batgirl, it's doubtful she'll be putting on her blacks-and-purples (and, can anyone explain to me why Bab's is wearing a white Batgirl suit on the cover of the most recent solicitations? Because I'm digging the look, if not the book).

Via ComicsAlliance.
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