Ottawa Doubles Down On Geek Obession

From C Stuckless
Can anyone, in the comments or somewhere, explain to me the difference between a "comic-con" and a "fan expo." On the surface one might assume that a "comic-con" is when comics convene, and a "fan expo" is where fan are exposed. Though I think we can all agree that fans should expose themselves as rarely as possible.

The obvious answer is creative marketing, because as far as I can tell there is nothing to differentiate between a con and an expo. But, I guess I'll find out because the folks who created the Ottawa Comiccon (and, in only two years, have made it a success) are introducing the first Ottawa Pop Expo, and I don't understand how it's different from it's spring-time cousin, other than the fact it'll be held Dec 7th and 8th, at the Ernst & Young Centre.

It's still early days, but the guest list is filling in nicely. On the comics side of things, guests will include Tony Moore, Larry Hama, Geof Isherwood and Howard Chaykin. On the acting side of things, Harry Potter's Tom Felton, The Boondock Saints' Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocco, The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies and Norman Reedus (who I've heard is a hoot at conventions), Stargate: Atlantis' and Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa, and the Seventh Doctor himself Sylvester McCoy. Additional guests include former WWF stars The Honky Tonk Man and Bret "Hitman" Hart, as well as "cosplayeuses" Monika Lee and Jessica Nigri (which, apparently paying people to come to your conventions to dress up is a thing now).

As for everything else, it looks identical to the set up they've used the last couple May's, so as long as they improve the wireless situation for the credit card machines, everything should be similar, if more low key. I will be attending, so if you see a behatted individual of the disgruntled variety roaming the convention floor, it might be me. Or it might be another behatted and disgruntled soul. There are more of us than you might expect.

Via Ottawa Pop Expo.
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