Peabody Here, And This Is His Boy, Sherman

Back when Mr. Peabody and Sherman was first announced, Robert Downey Jr. was set to voice the time travelling dog. Other things got in his way.So, what we're getting in an adaptation of the Rocky and Bullwinkle short Peabody’s Improbable History, a show that this film's target demographic has probably never heard of (unless they've got some stellar parents), with Peabody being voiced by Ty Burrell, in a way that sounds nothing like Peabody. Dammit, burrell, you could ahve at least tried! It's not enough you have to sully the Muppets, now you're pestering with my Bullwinkle!

Anyway, the trailers looks like exactly what you would expect from Sony, in that it seems that everything that was fun and original about the, um, original has been extracted and replaced with overly flashy and meaningless CG faffing about. The presence of a single pun in the trailer is a good sign, but it is only a single pun. Considering that the entire foundation of the original shorts (to the point that many were written backwards from the pun) was puns, I expect many many more in the final product. Also, I understand they had to come up with a story to get the idea to feature length, but using the time travel itself as a plot point seems obvious, and completely misses the point of the original shorts, which was a parody of educational shorts.

In short, this film gives me paws. I'll see myself out.
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