Sherlock Series 3 Broadcast Date Announced In The US. Bully For Them

The BBC has yet to announce an air date for the highly anticipated third series of Sherlock, but the Americans aren't just sitting around. PBS has announced that Sherlock will air in their Masterpiece series from January 19th to February 2nd. This gives the rest of us a pretty good picture as to when we can expect the modernised detective back on the Beeb. PBS rarely simulcasts their imported materials, so it's a fair bet that Sherlock will air in it's native land anytime between Christmas and the American premiere.

In fact, the length of time between Christmas and the American premiere is exactly three weeks, so I'd say it's a good bet that's when it will return.Which will mean that in the space of the month the world will see Cumberbatch in 12 Years A Slave, The Hobbit (with Freeman), August: Osage County, and Sherlock. So the question now becomes, how much Cumberbatch is too much Cumberbatch?

Via /Film.
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